6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Halifax

Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Scott Munn

Does Halifax deserve a place on your Canadian Itinerary? The answer is a resounding YES! Here are just a handful of reasons why you should visit Halifax:

1. The Waterfront

Halifax boasts one of the most rewarding Waterfronts in Canada. Because of the city’s long association with maritime pursuits, the port is one of the busiest on the east coast and the waterfront is a bustling and vibrant meeting place.

2. The people

Haligonians are among the friendliest and most welcoming people you are likely to find anywhere on your travels.

3. The Seafood

The Seafood – the lobster and other fresh seafood which is brought in to Halifax each day is arguably the best in the world.
Credit:Destination Canada

4. Drinks

Halifax is developing a reputation for being one of the leading Canadian cities when it comes to craft beer. There are at least 15 breweries to visit in town, as well as numerous vineyards and wineries within an hour of the city.

5. Culture and History

Culture and History – the city is bursting at the seams with interesting historical sites and museums
Pier 21 National Historic Site – The Canadian Museum of Immigration

6. Shopping

Shopping – there is great shopping to be had at Halifax Shopping Center or MicMac Mall, while many independent boutiques, antique dealers and second–hand stores will appeal to bargain hunters.

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