Top 10 Restaurants in Halifax

Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Scott Munn
Deciding where (and what) to eat in Halifax can be something of a challenge due to the large number of great restaurants competing for your custom.
The city is famous for being the seafood capital of the Canadian East Coast and there are many excellent seafood restaurants to try. Scallops and Lobster are the top stars but there are many other delicious varieties to choose from.
You will also want to taste a donair, which was first created in Halifax and has become so famous that it is being copied in many other Canadian kitchens. This local delicacy contains slices of spicy, saucy roasted beef in a tasty and rather messy wrap – you have to try it to see why it has become so famous! Here are some of the best city restaurants you will want to try.

1. The Five Fishermen

The Five Fishermen is located in the heart of downtown Halifax (legend has it that it occupies a haunted building) where it delivers delicious sea food of all kinds. The upstairs restaurant is more formal while the downstairs oyster and cocktail bar is casual.

2. The Bicycle Thief

The Bicycle Thief is one of the most popular restaurants in town. Located on the Waterfront, their menu has its roots in Italy and all the seafood is freshly caught each day. They also serve a famous roast beef short rib for those who are not into sea food

3. The Brooklyn Warehouse

The Brooklyn Warehouse is located in West End, a little off the tourist radar. It is extremely popular with Halifaxwho visit to enjoy an innovative chef-driven seasonal menu of locally sourced Nova Scotia delicacies.

4 Studio East

Studio East serves up delicious fusion food that will have you coming back for more. Think all your favorite dishes enlightened with fresh Asian flavors.

5. EnVie A Vegan Kitchen

EnVie A Vegan Kitchen has a well deserved reputation for serving delicious vegan and vegetarian food that will wow even the most committed carnivores.

6. The Press Gang Restaurant and Oyster House

The Press Gang Restaurant and Oyster House has a nautical theme in keeping with Halifax!s history and heritage. They serve delicious fresh seafood as well as a selection of good choices for non-pescatarias.

7. Tako Loco Mexican

Tako Loco Mexican is perfect for when your taste buds demand a Mexican taste fix. They have a special 10 taco andbeers special on Fridays and Saturdays.

8. Tony’s Famous Donair and Pizza

Tony’s Famous Donair and Pizza has been serving up their legendary donairs and pizza for more than 40 years – what else can we say?

9. Annie’s Place Café

Annie’s Place Café is famous for its wonderful breakfasts and coffee which are served all day long.

10. Elle’s Bistro

Elle’s Bistro is another great choice for a relaxed breakfast or brunch.

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